What's New

The CCS building is wired for video. We use an old computer to display a slide show about the events of CCS. This Computerized Billboard display is used before and after performances, during intermission, and during rentals. Using a channel 3 converter, we broadcast from a computer or camera to the monitors in the Gallery, Lounge, one monitor on each side of the Stage, and in the Rehearsal Room. We switch to a camera during productions for the actors to see the live performance from backstage and for parents with active children to move to the Gallery and still see the production.

In Dec of 2011, we began converting the 50 year old storage room above the Lounge. As money became available we replaced the pull down ladder stairway in the old office room with a spiral staircase. We removed everything upstairs, constructed an archive room with shelving to store years of records. We constructed and insulated walls and connected to the Heating/AC ductwork.

The Little Theatre Players purchased a video editor and we began creating a video production room. The video editor has 4 video inputs. We wired for a 3 camera shoot and we borrow video cameras for events as needed. We use the Computerized Billboard as input 4. A person using the video editor during a production uses Input 4 before the show. When the show starts, the Editor switches between the cameras (inputs 1, 2, & 3) delivering the best picture to the monitors. The Editor returns to the Computerized Billboard during the intermission and after the show. The Editor also has a microphone to speak to the camera operators giving them instructions on advance shots.

We setup an area with special lighting to take photos of cast and crew in productions. Their photos are used in printed programs or displayed on panels in the Lounge or Gallery during preformances. LTP purchased green screen software and we painted a green wall. The cast and crew pictures are taken against the green wall, and using a computer, the green background is replaced with a show related background. When not in use, the green wall is covered with a photographic curtain backdrop.

We constructed a teleprompter on a stand to use in video productions. Scripts are created and actors use the teleprompter with a video camera to insert informational clips into the Computerized Billboard.

The local high school rents the building for two shows a year. Students use the production equipment to create cast pictures, use video cameras, the video editor and associated computer software. A video production is created during each stage production. There are students that do not want to act on stage and this type of work has peaked their interest.

As money is available we will finish installing sheetrock on the walls, install a suspended ceiling, and purchase identical video cameras.

Mike Ross
Video Production Department